Expanding Credit Card Acceptance in Latin America


Partner Research


Our client, a leading financial services firm, wanted to identify potential partners to help expand credit card acceptance among small merchants in 11 Latin American countries. Since small independent merchants are rarely reached by traditional acquirers, the client wanted to identify potential partners who already engage with multiple small stores.

By entrusting these third parties to teach small retailers how to accept cards, our client stood to expand their acquisition business.


A team of analysts from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) first identified over 200 companies fitting the client’s criteria for potential distribution partners. AMI then proceeded to interview these companies, collecting information such as services provided, distribution reach, history, management structure and interest in teaming with the client to acquire small merchants. Upon conducting the interview, AMI created a visual profile of each company and devised a ranking system to identify the best potential partners in each country.


AMI successfully interviewed over 160 companies, providing the client with more than 10 potential partners in each of the 11 markets studied. AMI’s value-added analysis helped the client understand which markets were most ready to accept the new acquiring model the client was proposing and make recommendations as to which companies were the most suitable partnership candidates.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research provided the client with a ranking of potential distribution partners to increase credit card acceptance at small merchants throughout Latin America.

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