Evaluating Investment Potential in the Remittances Sector


Investment Research


Our client, a market leader in the global remittances field, was considering opening branches in a new geographic area, targeting a very specific client group. The potential investment was in the millions, meaning high stakes were involved for the “Go/No go” decision.


Thoroughly understanding this opportunity (and how to approach it) was essential to its successful implementation. Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted a face-to-face customer survey of 300+ respondents focusing on users of specific ethnic origins. The survey results were analyzed and cross-tabbed with demographic and industry data. Furthermore, AMI complemented the research with a competitive analysis of who was currently in the desired space and what market strategies they were using.


AMI’s results indicated a positive potential market if managed properly and along with specific key partners. Our study enabled our client to enter a negotiation process knowing clearly the opportunities and boundaries that lay ahead, thus avoiding potential pitfalls.

Client Benefit

AMI’s analysis enabled the client to identify market potential and possible pitfalls in a future multi-million dollar investment.

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