Developing a Hemispheric Risk Assessment


Political & Regional Risk Analysis


The client — a multinational mining company — had turned to Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) over the course of five years to help analyze its political risk exposure in one LAC jurisdiction. Now they required a hemispheric risk assessment for their annual board meeting and turned to AMI to marshal the client’s internal resources to help feed intel to AMI so our firm could then draft a regional risk assessment.


The AMI team drew upon its own knowledge of one of the four jurisdictions. For the other countries, AMI first turned to the client’s internal staff in each country that provided about half of the necessary intelligence and insight needed to complete the report.

The remaining half came from several interviews conducted as well as in-house knowledge.


AMI was able to narrow its client’s risk profile to the most robust and highest risks that then become the focus of their PR and government affairs outreach program. By coordinating risk assessment with PR budgeting, a lot of wasteful spending was reduced.

Client Benefit

AMI’s client was able to analyze political risk at a regional level and understand what risks existed in all the markets versus those that were unique to a given market. Such analysis was instrumental in guiding future PR efforts.

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