Detailed Profiling of E-Commerce Payment Gateways in LatAm


Market Assessment + Partner Research


A leading card network wanted to improve its strategy for capturing e-commerce payments, a rapidly growing retail channel across Latin America. To do so, it needed to identify and profile companies that enable online payments: payment gateways. The client called on Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) to identify and profile the leading payment gateways in eight Latin American markets: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.


AMI researchers began with secondary research to identify the full scope of payment gateways in each country, their relative size and influence and services offered. The team then conducted two types of interviews: 1) with associations and other neutral market players to gain a high level understanding of the relative importance of each payment gateways and the size of the e-commerce market; and 2) with the payment gateways themselves, to gather key metrics such as revenue, number of annual transactions, key customers, services offered, growth, strategy, future plans, etc.


AMI delivered a detailed PPT deck that profiled each payment gateway in great detail. The team devised a scoring method that ranked each payment gateway in terms of partnership potential and competitive threat level.

The report also contained general e-commerce trends, e-commerce market size and strategic recommendations on how to improve performance in e-commerce in each of the markets studied.

Client Benefit

AMI profiled the leading e-commerce gateways in eight Latin American markets, enabling the client to identify both potential partners and competitors in the growing e-commerce space.

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