Delivering Leads for LatAm Commercial Cards Market


Consumer Insights


Our client, a global leader in the payment industry, wanted to expand its business among large corporations in four Latin American markets but was unsure as to where the best opportunities lay. Our client needed to identify which large corporations were actively shopping for payment solutions and how they could best be serviced.


First, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) strategically identified the largest corporations most likely to use our clients’ services in each country. Then, AMI analysts interviewed over 200 of these corporations to identify the size of the opportunity they represented, specific needs that were currently underserved, and their openness to being contacted by the client’s sales team.

AMI effectively acted as a liaison between our client and potential new accounts, generating sales leads and identifying specific needs to be addressed.


AMI provided the client with over 130 new leads and specific sales pitch recommendations, opening the door to expanded business among Latin America’s largest corporations.


Client Benefit

AMI’s efforts provided the client with access to over 100 new potential clients and insider tips on how to win them over.

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