Delivering Lead Generation in Logistics


Opportunity Benchmarking


Having exhausted local sales opportunities, the client desired to attract business from US-based companies. With a strategic location for access to Mercosur markets, the client believed it would be attractive to U.S. multinationals, but it lacked the know-how and resources to break into the U.S. market alone.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) first consulted company databases to gain access to potential customers and their contact information. By applying filters defined by the client, AMI narrowed the list down to a more specific list of potential customers.

In a second phase of research, AMI consultants contacted companies by phone to gain essential information around their logistics needs, including activity in Latin America, level of satisfaction with current providers and areas of needed improvement.


AMI successfully delivered 100 completed company profiles to the client, 65 of which agreed to receive a follow-up call from the client. AMI’s client received essential Intel needed to understand the companies’ needs, its own competitive advantage, and, the contact information of the key decision maker.

Armed with insights around how the US market works, the client made a strategic decision to hire a US-based sales consultant. AMI’s profile database served as the salesperson’s initial portfolio, and the firm was able to hit the ground running in its North American sales efforts.

Client Benefit

AMI profiled 100 potential sales candidates for its client, delivering 60+ pre-vetted sales leads with key sales-pitch points and decision-maker contact information.

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