Delivering Insights into the Payment Card Market in Latin America


Opportunity Benchmarking + Investment Research


Our client, a credit card company, needed to gain insight into the payment card market across Latin America as it prepared to launch its continent-wide product. Understanding which markets would prove most profitable was critical to this large investment.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysts consulted secondary sources as well as conducted interviews with 53 ATM network and debit and/or credit card processors and members of industry associations across 12 countries.


AMI selected five countries as the most favorable for the launching of the client’s product and recommended against investing in four countries. Further AMI recommendations on how to launch the product, such as partnering with local banks, helped the client to orchestrate a successful market entry.

Client Benefit

The client understood the dynamics of the financial card market across the continent and was able to prioritize efforts in the launching of the Latin American stored value card.

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