Competitor Analysis for Life Insurance Company


Competitive Intelligence


Our client, a leading life insurance provider, was struggling to grow in one of Latin America’s more mature life insurance market segments. Future growth was likely to come from stealing a competitor’s market share. Therefore, AMI, along with one of its regional partners, was tasked with profiling three leading competitors. Each competitor’s go-to-market strategy and structure was to be scrutinized for both strengths and weaknesses and AMI was to devise a winning strategy for the client.


AMI conducted competitive intelligence by interviewing ex-employees and suppliers of the target companies. Over 20 different operational metrics were studied for each competitor. Extensive assessment was made of their sales and marketing structures, several of which were complex. Best practices were identified and weaknesses were also flagged for exploitation by the client’s sales and marketing managers.


AMI helped the client reshape its own sales and marketing approach to better focus on stealing market share as a logical growth strategy.

Client Benefit

Through AMI’s insights, the client became better focused on key clients who will drive its business growth. The key to winning those clients is beating the competition and thanks to the CI work of AMI and its partner company, they now know how to achieve this.

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