Competitive Intelligence of Beverage Products in Brazil


Competitive Intelligence


The client, a multi-national food and beverage manufacturer and distributor, needed to understand market dynamics of its newly launched products in the face of rapidly growing market share of one of its key competitors.


With analysts on the ground in the four Brazilian cities, AMI collected painstakingly detailed data on sales volumes, distribution, packaging, pricing, and customer profiling for the client’s product in each market as well as for major competitors.


AMI data provided the client with new insight on the performance of its product in the markets studied, and the client discovered that its strategy should focus on improving distribution across the board.

The information also gave the client clues as to how to optimize pricing in each of the markets and which demographic to market to.

This crucial information permitted the client to adjust its strategy and increase its competitiveness.

Client Benefit

The client gained detailed knowledge of one of its beverage products’ performance in four regional markets in Brazil and identified new opportunities for sustained momentum and growth.

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