Competitive Intelligence for Consumer Goods Market in Latin America


Competitive Intelligence


Our client, a Fortune 100 company, focuses on consumer goods and operates on a global scale and thus faces both international as well as local competition. Gaining a clear understanding of their competitive positioning in each market is a challenge.


AMI has helped this client make strategic and tactical decisions since 2006. Drawing on a unique international network, AMI is able to track competitive moves on the global scale, assess situations in a timely manner and anticipate competitive moves on the global scale.


Through AMI research and analysis, our client is better prepared to respond to competitive threats such as product launches, market expansion and distribution strategies.

Simultaneously, our client is aware of emerging trends in the market place as well as best practices that arise, thus reducing their response time and increasing their effectiveness.

The implemented program was considered so successful that it was escalated from being a marketing function to reporting directly to the CFO.

Client Benefit

AMI regularly provided the client with quantified market value and market share opportunities and identified new brand positioning and channel strategies, taking into account competitors’ activities.

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