Comparing Brand Awareness for Refrigeration Equipment


Brand Awareness + Market Share


Our client, a leading supplier of commercial refrigerators and display cases, hired us to conduct a brand attribute and preference study. The goal was to understand where the client stood vis-à-vis its competitors in terms of its brand strength, perceived product features, and product performance.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analysts developed a guide to be used to interview a number of different positions within targeted supermarkets and convenience stores, both independents and chains.

AMI’s team then conducted 300 phone interviews across 10 LatAm markets.


The interview results, presented in both raw data format (for the client’s own analysis) as well as a strategic report, enabled the client to assess their market position in the eyes of their target market: supermarkets and convenience stores.

The detailed analysis of the survey further shed light on who are the most influential decision makers within target customers and what product aspects drive their opinion of the client’s brand and more generally the product category.

Client Benefit

AMI helped the client to understand what aspects of their product and marketing drives customer preference and bias, necessary fodder for future marketing and sales efforts.

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