Brand Awareness Analysis for Auto Market in LatAm


Brand Awareness Analysis + Consumer Insights


Our client, a Fortune 100 automotive company, operates on a global scale and has strategic assets in Latin America. In the spirit of growing in the region, our client is constantly on the lookout for any potential customer satisfaction issues that may arise.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has helped this client monitor their activities in the region since 2006, conducting customer surveys in over 10 Latin American markets. Using natives to each market to conduct the interviews, these are captured in our centralized CATI (and web-CATI) facilities. Our state of the art telco equipment enables us to record 100% of the interviews, enabling our client to have direct access to the script and “tone” of the interview. Potential issues are flagged for the client to follow-up directly.


AMI’s surveying enabled us to conduct a global benchmark of their activities and identify trends in customer satisfaction. Additionally, our client was able to follow-up on problem issues in a timely manner, thus improving their image in the market vis-à-vis its clients.

Client Benefit

The client understood their activities in the region through global benchmarking and was able to identify trends in customer satisfaction.

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