Best Practices for Serving the Affluent Mortgage Market


Best Practices Research


Our client, a financial institution, needed to monitor competitors with regard to their provision of mortgages to affluent customers in the U.S. market and gain an understanding of the sector’s best practices for servicing high net worth clients.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) used a variety of tactics to gather the required information, including mystery shopping three target banks, conducting interviews with former bank employees and monitoring blogs and social media designed for bank customers and banking analysts.


Armed with AMI’s results, the client was able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and become familiar with the industry’s best practices and strategies for meeting high net worth mortgage objectives, in order to fine-tune its own business strategy.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research helped the client understand how three major competitors serve high net worth individuals and learned best practices for providing mortgages to affluent customers in the United States.

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