Assessment of Commercial Cards in the Andean Markets


Market Assessment


Our client, a financial institution, wanted to better understand the quickly evolving commercial card markets in Chile, Colombia and Peru. That knowledge was needed to best design a product and marketing strategy for market entry.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted in-depth interviews with regulators, analysts, issuers, the central bank as well as a sample of 30 corporations in each market.

The insight gained enabled AMI analysts to determine the maturity and size level of each market assess the competitive offering and determine the addressable unmet needs of key client segments.


Armed with AMI’s results, the client was better equipped to penetrate each market with a more suitable product offering.

Client Benefit

AMI’s research helped the client prioritize its commercial product opportunities in three major tier II markets in LAC. The research also helped the client mount a marketing strategy (including product design) to address the opportunity.

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