Assessing the E-Commerce Market of Peru


Market Assessment + Sizing


Our client, a global payments company, was underperforming in Peru vis-à-vis competitors and identified the rapidly growing e-commerce channel as an opportunity to improve market share. The client called on Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) to reconstruct the e-commerce market in Peru, determining market size, product category segmentation, competitor market shares, growth projections and key growth drivers.


AMI first consulted the Cámara de Comercio and other industry associations to access publically available data. AMI analysts then conducted high level interviews with nearly 30 companies in Peru, including merchants, banks, payment gateways, processors, and technology companies, to obtain the unique perspective of every major player.

AMI then conducted a rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to determine an unbiased market size, segmentation and market share, as well as qualitative research conclusions.


AMI created a comprehensive reconstruction of the e-commerce market in 2015 as well as projections to 2020, including market breakdown by product category, payment method, payment gateway, demographics, etc. Additionally, AMI’s analysis included growth drivers and inhibitors, a rich competitor SWOT analysis, description of merchant pain points and needs, gateway best practices and strategic recommendations to increase market share and seize current opportunities. Armed with this research, the client was much better prepared to go head to head with its competition and grow.

Client Benefit

AMI’s comprehensive assessment of the Peruvian ecommerce market enabled the client to understand the size of various ecommerce opportunities and strategize to increase market share.

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