Assessing Express Parcel Shipping Services in Brazil


Market Assessment


Our client, a global logistics provider, was interested in launching an express parcel service for small businesses in Brazil following the acquisition of a local logistics firm.

To do this, it needed to understand the strength of the competition in this business line in the various regions of Brazil, as well as measure brand awareness among business owners.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) consultants on the ground in Brazil executed 1,000 interviews with business owners in various regions to measure their understanding of the availability of parcel shipping services, their preferences regarding brands and brand strengths and weaknesses.

AMI analysts then conducted a statistical analysis of the quantitative data to draw relevant conclusions on the strength of the competition and where the client might find an underserved niche market.


The AMI data pack and final report provided the client with quantitative and qualitative data on express parcel shipping service providers across Brazil, a large geographic area with marked regional differences. This visibility into the express partial shipping market allowed the client to identify underserved market niches and successfully plan for the launch of its new service line.

Client Benefit

AMI helped the client to and weaknesses of competitors to assess its ability to launch a new service line across Brazil.

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