Analyzing the U.S.-Mexico Remittance Market


Competitive Intelligence; Market Share


Our client, a global payments company, was considering a partnership or product launch in the digital remittance space between the US and Mexico to facilitate cross-border transfers using its payment systems and network. The client called on Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) to understand the market dynamics in the US-Mexico corridor as well as the competitive landscape between digital and non-digital players.


AMI first researched and compiled financial data to grasp the size of the US-Mexico corridor and the number of players operating in the corridor. AMI then conducted high level interviews with industry associations, market journalists, executives, payments consultants and venture capital firms to obtain the varied perspectives of every side of the market.

AMI then analyzed the quantitative market data and qualitative results to determine future growth drivers in the corridor and the market shares of digital and non-digital products through to 2040.


AMI’s analysis and final recommendations included positive and negative drivers of digital adoption, a multi-faceted competitive landscape of over 17 companies and their product offerings, and best practices in the US-Mexico remittance corridor. AMI compiled 20 years of remittance data to understand and project market size for the next 20 years, including the share and growth of digital remittance solutions.

Our analysis has now equipped the client with the insight and competitive analysis necessary to strategically enter the US-Mexico corridor.

Client Benefit

AMI’s assessment of market dynamics and competitors in the US-Mexico remittance corridor enabled the client to understand competitor offerings to strategize product offerings and partnerships.

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