Analyzing the Potential ROI of Luxury Hotel Renovations


Investment Research


Our client, a leading player in business travel, was seeking to make a major investment in one of their key properties in Mexico. As such, they were seeking to identify the areas of opportunity where they could improve and thus gain the most impact with their customers.


Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducted 400 surveys with current and former guests, probing into the various benefits the hotel offers – including the pool, restaurants, the gym, Wi-Fi, check-in and check-out.

The surveys were complemented with in-depth-interviews of key user groups, such as tour operators and travel agents so as to obtain a broad and deep understanding of the client’s property and the decision-making factors that clients review at the time of purchase.


AMI delivered an extensive report analyzing customers by client-type and preferences.

The report detailed areas of opportunity in each of the hotel’s key segments. Additionally, it gave recommendations on how to capture additional revenue and foment cross-sales between areas.

Finally, the report gave recommendations into the priority areas that the hotel should consider investing in the future.

Client Benefit

AMI helped our client identify areas of opportunity within one of their leading properties in Mexico.

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