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Exploring 2023-2024 Logistics Trends
in Latin America

Identifying challenges and opportunities with nearshoring, warehousing, trucking, ocean/air transportation, and cold chain

While nearshoring to Mexico has received the lion’s share of media coverage, other significant changes are occurring—and they can offer both opportunities and risks for logistics professionals.


Exploring 2023-2024 Logistics Trends in Latin America

In Exploring 2024-2024 Logistics Trends in Latin America, AMI’s logistics team reveals 16 trends affecting LatAm’s largest logistics markets: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia.

These include:

  • How nearshoring is making warehousing and cold chain space scarce—and expensive—in Mexico
  • Why exports to Europe are booming in Brazil
  • The areas in Mexico where nearshoring will spike demand
  • What we can expect from a new ports policy in Colombia
  • The effects of drastically rising freight crime on Chile’s logistics market
  • Why there will be no peak season in ocean transportation in Mexico in 2023—or in 2024
  • The industries driving cold chain demand in Colombia and Chile
  • Why e-commerce is boosting air freight in Brazil
  • How politics made the construction of new warehouses slowdown in Colombia
  • Whether pressure to get more eco-friendly trucks on the road in Brazil will succeed

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