The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index

A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the risks facing both miners and investors in the region’s 16 leading jurisdictions

For the first time ever, a quantified understanding of above-ground mining risk in Latin America

2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index

Miners and investors are very familiar with-above-the-ground risks facing mining projects in Latin America. But until now, they have lacked the tools to quantify country risk from a mining perspective when evaluating new projects. AMI’s mining practice has been helping miners and investors avoid, mitigate, or manage risk via on-the-ground intelligence over the course of nearly three decades and 200+ consulting projects in Latin America.

Using that experience, in the 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index, AMI’s team uses a proprietary approach that divides risk into 7 categories and quantifies each risk category using a total of 70 metrics, drawn from well-known public sources as well as the opinions of local miners, regulators, legal minds, and investors.

The 7 key risks covered by the Index are:

  • Political interference
  • Economic pressure
  • Community opposition
  • Legal and regulatory instability
  • Reputational risk
  • Safety and security
  • Operational risk

The 2022 Latin America Mining Risk Index offers a score for 16 major mining jurisdictions in Latin America, providing both a composite national risk score and also specific scores in each of the seven risk areas. The relative scores of individual risk categories in a given country provides useful guidance to mining investors as to where they should focus their risk due diligence research. Each country report includes a qualitative assessment of the most germane risks to that jurisdiction.

Among the insights you’ll find in this free report:

  • Why local community opposition in Argentina has been relatively minimal—but could spike soon
  • The roots of key mining conflicts in Peru and what miners can expect
  • Beyond geology, 4 key advantages for mining in Suriname
  • 2 powerful threats to mining development in the Dominican Republic
  • 4 major pillars of mining project opposition in Ecuador
  • The key political challenges facing miners in Brazil
  • 3 major changes to Chile’s constitution that could impact mining
  • An unorthodox view of opposition to mining in Colombia...and how to navigate it
  • The major forces threatening mining projects in Mexico

And much more—allowing you to gain a quick, strategic understanding of the challenges in these 16 jurisdictions so you can be better prepared when conducting due diligence or managing ongoing operations.

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