2019 Latin America E-Commerce Datapack

The most up-to-date, comprehensive data report on e-commerce in Latin America

While it can be easy to find e-commerce data for specific Latin American countries — Argentina, Brazil, Chile Colombia, Mexico, Peru and others — it may not be the most solid basis for business decisions.

It is often flawed, specifically because:

  • Multiple and inconsistent sources are used
  • Research methodologies are inconsistent from market to market
  • “E-commerce” is not clearly defined
  • Important industry segments may be excluded, such as cross-border e-commerce, alternative payment methods, recurring payments, etc.
  • Contains conflicting data

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has been executing research projects for the Latin American payments/e-commerce sector for nearly 20 years and has completed more than 400 engagements for clients. As part of that work, we have extensively researched Latin American e-commerce.

This experience is what fuels our 2019 Latin America E-Commerce Datapack. We took a three-pronged approach to producing the most reliable and up-to-date e-commerce research available for Latin America:

  1. Evaluation of all available public data on e-commerce for leading LatAm markets
  2. Interviews with top industry executives representing merchants, card acquirers, payment processors, card issuers, gateways and other professionals with direct, on-the-ground understanding of e-commerce in Latin America
  3. Triangulation and cross-checking of results

The Results of This Approach

A singular methodology to produce up-to-date, comprehensive data

Data that is easily comparable across markets

Data from in-market payment processors that track actual transactions, as opposed to extrapolation from consumer surveys

Datapack Contents

The datapack covers Latin America’s top 7 e-commerce markets.

Markets may be purchased as a full set or individually.

For each country, the data will include:

  • Volume of the country’s 2018 e-commerce market in USD
  • Breakdown by merchant vertical: retail, travel and digital products and services
  • Breakdown by device: mobile purchases versus desktop
  • Breakdown by cross-border purchases versus domestic
  • Breakdown by payment method, i.e. internationally-enabled credit card, domestic-only credit card, debit card, cash vouchers, e-wallets, COD and more
  • Market size forecast through year-end 2021
  • All data reflects 2018
  • Data customizations are available by request

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