Lindsay Lehr

As Senior Director at AMI and co-leader of the firm’s Payments Practice, Lindsay Lehr has spearheaded over 75 consulting engagements in 20+ LatAm markets since 2012. Her industry specialization is cards and payments, with experience in e-commerce, m-commerce, mobile money, remittances, online lending, digital wallet, POS technology, financial inclusion, and payment cards. Lindsay has authored various market reports, whitepapers and presentations and is active in payments industry circles in Silicon Valley, California, where she resides.  Lindsay is a frequent public speaker on the payments industry in Latin America and is a recognized thought-leader on the region’s emerging digital economy.

As a Latin American enthusiast, Lindsay is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, has a comprehensive understanding of the business environment in Latin America and a deep practical knowledge of daily life in the region. Prior to her employment at AMI, Lindsay spent five years in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she founded and operated an English language tutoring and translation agency. Since then, Lindsay has eagerly followed developments in the region and continues to be passionate about Latin America, its culture and people.