Market Insights about Cuba

In partnership with The Havana Consulting Group and Tech (THCG and Tech), Americas Market Intelligence is offering a number of articles from THCG’s newsletters that reflect different aspects of doing business in Cuba.

Written by experts with an insider understanding of how the Cuban market works and the roles of different players, these articles allow executives, business development specialists, marketers and other professionals to understand the practical intricacies of doing business in Cuba successfully.

Expert Perspectives about The Havana Consulting Group

THCG BUSINESS REPORT is a full information report on Cuba. [It] has frank, clear, and independent analysis and opinions based on the most recent information available. Anyone investing in Cuba must read it. Knowledge is the key. The team consists of some of the most prolific and cited authors in the academic world … analysts and researchers with vast knowledge of the internal dynamics of the Cuban economy, the social and political situation …
— Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, director of International Money Transfer and Payment Conferences (IMTC) and director of Mohr World Consulting
The Havana Consulting Group Business Report is the most in-depth business and legal analysis for planning market entry into Cuba I have ever seen. The research is detailed, analytical and directional, with interesting background and future projections data. The Havana Consulting Group Business Report is an essential first step when exploring Cuba as a future market for your company.
— Tim Grainey, Founder, Strategic Initiative LLC
THCG Business Report is a very useful informational resource for anyone interested in looking at the Cuba opportunity. Emilio Morales and his team have a unique mix of professional experience, access to actionable data, and, most importantly, a firsthand understanding of the Cuban reality based on their longstanding involvement with Cuba.
— Pedro Freyre Chair International Practice at Akerman Senterfitt LLP


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