Optimizing E-commerce Payments in Brazil: A practical guide to Brazil’s local payment landscape

Brazil makes up ~60% of all e-commerce in Latin America, attracting the interest of merchants and payment processors globally. However, too many e-commerce merchants make the mistake of collecting payments offshore in Brazil, resulting in low approval rates and access to only a fraction of the total addressable market. Brazil’s peculiar payment landscape means connecting to local acquirers is essential to truly leveraging its e-commerce potential. Unfortunately, the market offers very little guidance for merchants and payment players on how to do so.

In this report, AMI provides merchants and payment processors a practical guide on how to fully optimize e-commerce payments in Brazil. The report contains 1) a detailed description of Brazil’s e-commerce payment landscape and local payment methods; 2) an analysis of various go-to-market strategies from a payments perspective, specifically with regard to opening a local entity; 3) detailed profiles of 16 leading payment providers offering local payment processing in Brazil. Profiles include number of merchants, number of monthly transactions, full service offering, penetration of mobile, fees, services offered to international merchants, supported go-to-market strategies, overall competitive advantage, and other metrics merchants need to choose a suitable payments partner.

Total number of pages: 72

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