Personalized Medicine in Brazil—Sizing the Market Opportunity

Personalized Medicine—Sizing the Opportunity

Services: Market Share Analysis

Challenge: For Brazil, the client needed market research to understand the market size, growth, and price ranges of selected products in its home healthcare manufacturing division. 

Approach: Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) analyzed import and association databases, conducted in-depth interviews with doctors and players in the value chain, and also conducted mystery shopping phone calls within Brazil to identify market sizes, trends, and price ranges. 

Result: AMI delivered a detailed Excel database of market size and prices to the client.
Along with the deliverable, AMI conducted a one-hour workshop with the client team to describe the dynamics of the interactive database.

Client Benefit: Based on the home healthcare market research and intelligence for Brazil gathered by AMI, the client gained an understanding of market size, growth, and price levels of selected products in this market