Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis


Predicting competitive threats in Latin America is complicated by the fact that new, outside competitors are constantly entering the market, particularly when traditional markets like Europe, the US or Japan offer limited growth. Moreover, most sectors must contend with a grey market in Latin America, an underground economy of products and services that does not abide by the same rules.

In Latin America's relatively weak legal environment, how competitors react to your company's expansion plans includes a wide number of scenarios. Knowing your competitors, their capabilities and their ethical limits is vital to be able to predict their actions.

In most Latin American companies, key corporate intelligence is hoarded by a small group of senior management. Getting access to that information requires a consultancy that combines both excellent local contacts to open doors and professional training to ensure that all competitive intelligence is collected by legal means.

AMI's professionals are trained in both international best practices through our alliance with GIA and our memberships of SCIP but are also trained in the local market realities of effective CI practices in Latin America.

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