Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis

Our Strategic Analysis services help companies make assertive decisions when entering new markets, allthewhile mitigating risks.

  • Opportunity Benchmarking

    Whether you are looking at Latin America for the first time or are a long time veteran of the region, we can help you understand the changing dynamics and assess the underlying opportunities.

  • War Gaming

    Large investment decisions require forward thinking. In a competitive market, we can help you set the framework to anticipate probable outcomes of an investment plan (market entry, acquisition, product launch).

  • Pre-Investment Study

    Before a large market investment is made (market entry, product launch, acquisition), we can help you understand if the investment will be worthwhile, i.e. is feasible. The first challenge is defining how feasibility will be measured.

  • Partner Search

    Who you do business with often defines your reputation, not to mention your performance. We can help you identify the most suitable partners for your business, be they sales agents, distributors, J/V partners, acquisition targets or suppliers.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Assessing competitors is a key success factor of any market; especially in Latin America where the competition is diverse and dynamic. We can help you gain a clear understanding of the landscape, guiding your investment decisions.

  • Business Environment Analysis

    A perfectly executed business plan can still go awry if the economic and/or regulatory environments prove unforgiving. It’s best to be aware of the dynamic environment as things happen, and we can help with that.

  • Market Analysis

    Most marketing decisions begin with an analysis of the market - its size, segmentation, and growth trends. Similarly, any attempts to value a company, or measure the ROI of new business initiative require an accurate measure of market demand. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.