Consumption Mapping

Consumption Mapping


AMI's ability to marry survey research with geographic based demography and competitive intelligence is a powerful tool for retailers and marketers who want to find underserviced customer gaps or measure the impact of their direct marketing campaigns.

Latin America's largest cities have been transformed with the arrival of big box retailing. It is increasingly difficult to find glaring holes in the retail landscape that new stores can fill. Quickly rising commercial real-estate prices raise the cost of poorly planned store locations. Consumption mapping has become an imperative planning tool for expanding retailers and is a costly but essential method in light of the absence of reliable census data from Latin American governments.

AMI combines internet surveying, competitive intelligence and limited government demographic data to help retailers plan their next stores. Once the stores are up and running, AMI works with retailers to ensure that their direct marketing campaigns are targeted and effective at driving business in the door – by evaluating the impact of said campaigns through intercept surveys.

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