Market Research

Market Research

Latin America's economic advancement is most dramatically told through its consumers. In 2011, there were more households earning above $15,000 USD in both Mexico and Brazil than there were in China. A prosperous Latin American has more choices today than ever as a consumer and has learned to be as demanding and discerning as any. Marketers beware. The conventional practice of recycling products developed for the US, Europe or Japan is full of pitfalls.

Latin American product development and adaptation are essential and now a justifiable investment in a US$ 4 trillion market.

In a region that straddles both traditional trade and modern distribution channels, Latin America is a challenging one to research in a cost effective fashion. Latin American retailing is evolving on its own path. Modern store concepts have been accepted by consumers but they compete side by side with family run retailers and surprisingly sophisticated grey market channels.

Brand management in Latin America is a challenging task. Elite Latin Americans develop their brand expectations in the malls of Miami, New York and London just as readily as they do in Sao Paulo, Guadalajara or Bogota. Less than adequate intellectual property protections limit the degree to which premium brands can demand premium pricing. Local brands often beat out global brands in the region's unconventional distribution channels.

Twenty years of market research experience in Latin America has taught us how to employ the unique qualitative and quantitative research tactics required to research this complex market.

AMI's Capabilities

  • Customized research approach designed to help our customers make crucial business decisions
  • Broadly experienced project managers who understand both qualitative and quantitative research methods but are equally blessed with business acumen
  • In house CATI facility staffed by researchers from seven different countries in Latin America and fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Caribbean English, French and Creole languages.
  • 100% recording capabilities with high capacity broadband infrastructure needed for storage and transfer

Our Services

  • Consumption Mapping

    AMI’s ability to marry survey research with geographic based demography and competitive intelligence is a powerful tool for retailers and marketers who want to find underserviced customer gaps or measure the impact of their direct marketing campaigns.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Latin Americans are just beginning to learn how to voice its dissatisfaction with products or services, which for years were limited in choice behind protectionist borders.

  • Mystery Shopping

    The best way to test the mettle of your company’s services versus the competition is to mystery shop them. Only a third party supplier can deliver the brutally objective feedback that service companies need to remain competitive.

  • Brand Studies

    How do you quantify the nebulous performance of a brand? - through research.  In a highly stratified consumer market like Latin America’s, most brands enjoy at best a niche market. Targeting is the key to cost-effective research for most international brands that are marketed in the region.