Intelligence plaza software

Intelligence plaza software


Intelligence Plaza® from GIA, AMI's global partner, is a robust and scalable enterprise software that enables full control of the intelligence process.

Easy-to-use and personalized, with multiple delivery choices

Bring structure to your enterprise-wide intelligence operation with a user-friendly and reliable tool that automates, routines and organizes your data in one storage repository, while delivering information automatically or upon command to its users.

Intelligence Plaza® will help your decision makers keep abreast of and act on critical market developments. 

Developed by a team of market intelligence specialists and software specialists, Intelligence Plaza® is a robust and scalable enterprise software with easy-to-use collaboration, search and email alert features. Enjoy superior intelligence content, user and project management capabilities, and get to create charts, benchmark and conduct trend analysis at the same time.

Choose from multichannel intelligence delivery options, from RSS feeds, emails and mobile alerts to an easy-to-use web interface or Microsoft SharePoint. International companies that rely on the Intelligence Plaza® include Bosch Power Tools, Fujitsu, KONE, and Philips Healthcare.

Tailored to your preferences

Tailored to meet changing user needs and the growing variety of information sources, Intelligence Plaza® can either be purchased as "Software as a Service" (SaaS) or installed directly on a company's IT infrastructure.

Time savings and ease of use

The Intelligence Plaza® delivers time savings to end users via automated and personalized information flows. It also facilitates improved access for users to internal and external business information, and supports collaboration across the intelligence network. The end user interface is intuitive and very easy to navigate. Purchasing intelligence software rather than developing your own solution saves time and effort and is often the least costly option.

Multi-channel intelligence delivery

Users have a choice of sharing information through numerous formats:

  • RSS feeds or emails - Every user can set up personalized alert profiles based on his or her preferred topics or type of content.
  • Web user interface - Users enjoy an easy-to-use web interface with Intelligence Plaza®. It offers a full range of features, including dashboards, search tools, trend analysis and graphing tools as well as collaboration capabilities through discussions boards, comments sites and ratings.
  • Mobile user interface - Users with smartphones or tablets can access personalized market and competitor intelligence.
  • Microsoft SharePoint - Users can also access and search the Intelligence Plaza® content through SharePoint.

Optimal intelligence process support

Market Intelligence as a process has very specific requirements that are best supported with tools that have been tailored to intelligence use from the ground up. All features of the Intelligence Plaza® have been developed to meet the requirements of world-class market intelligence operations. Intelligence professionals around the world appreciate the easy input, editing and administration tools, as well as the usage tracking functionalities.

Easy implementation

Implementation of the Intelligence Plaza® only requires minor time and resource investments. During the implementation, the product is customized to meet the specific requirements of your organization. 

Robust and scalable technology

The Intelligence Plaza® supports XML and RSS feeds, should you want to automate flows of incoming and outgoing information. As your organization and intelligence operation evolve over time, the flexible Intelligence Plaza® will scale to meet new requirements.

Continuous support & development

The Intelligence Plaza® is being continuously developed based on the experiences of its global user base. This ensures that it will continue to respond to the challenges of monitoring ever-changing competitive markets. Italso comes with professional support and maintenance.

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