Market intelligence services to support decision making

Market intelligence services to support decision making


Companies require Market Intelligence in order to make business decisions. We offer four lines of service:

Strategic Analysis – valued by companies making monetarily or strategically significant business decisions (market entry, product/service launch, acquisition, distributor search, etc).

Monitoring Services – popular with companies that need to make on-going tactical decisions to defend market share or support continuous sales efforts.

Market Research – chosen by companies striving to deepen their understanding of their customers and potential customers.

Intelligence Plaza software – supported by our partner, GIA, this web-based platform is ideal for companies with dynamic internal and external market intelligence gathering programs who struggle to manage all of the information and distribute it efficiently within their firm.

With over 20 years experience in Market Intelligence, AMI tailors its studies to cover:

        a) The business environment

        b) The customer

        c) The competition

Understanding these external drivers increases the likelihood of making successful business decisions.

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