A passion for research and insight

A passion for research and insight


The story of Americas Market Intelligence is one of passion for research and insight.

Americas Market Intelligence was launched by three partners, John Price, Guillaume Corpart and Ivan Pineda, recognized leaders in the three component fields of Market Intelligence: Market Research, Competitive Intelligence & Business Intelligence.  Their leadership is supported by a team of professionals in Miami and Mexico City, AMI’s two offices, and through a large network of individuals and independent firms across 20 countries in Latin America.

AMI was founded in 2010 but the legacy of its founders and key staff members date back as far as 1992 when InfoAmericas, once the largest independent Market Intelligence firm in Latin America was founded and later sold to Kroll Associates. Our market research credentials were built over the last ten years with the growth of Servipromer, now the research division of AMI. Together, AMI staff has led over 1,500 engagements across every market in Latin America, serving clients from a wide range of industries.

Over the last two decades, we have witnessed, through the lens of our projects, the radical market changes of Latin America. The ability to compare and contrast 21 different markets, revisiting common customer, competitor, economic and regulatory issues from project to project enables our team to analyze our client’s problems in Latin America to a degree that few consultancies can match.

Our work in Latin America is further supported by our affiliation with Global Intelligence Alliance, the world’s leading Market Intelligence Consultancy with 24 offices worldwide. Through GIA we can service our client’s global market intelligence needs. Thanks to the robust back office support of GIA, our consultants receive world class training that keeps them abreast of the latest research tools and analytical techniques.    

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