Sector Trends

The natural resource led boom in Latin America that began in 2003 has rebuilt the fiscal coffers of many Latin governments, helping to trigger long overdue public investment in healthcare. The private healthcare services industry has similarly flourished, first to service the upper classes in these markets but also to attract medical tourists from abroad. As a result, medical equipment sales into the region have blossomed. Aging populations in Argentina, Uruguay, and Cuba will bring new healthcare challenges to those markets. A second baby-boom wave will strain the maternal health sector in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. IP infringement and corrupt practices in the public health sector continue to challenge foreign suppliers whose actions abroad bring liabilities in their own jurisdictions. Native industries in Brazil and Colombia will increasingly seek protection from Asian manufactured medical consumables as their own currencies continue to appreciate.

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 80 studies of Latin America's healthcare sector since 1992 in the following segments:

Hospital services
OTC drugs
Laboratory services
Surgical equipment
Diagnostic equipment
Medical consumables
Medical tourism
Virology (including HIV)
Health policy
Oncology Drugs

Case Studies

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