Financial Services

Financial Services


Sector Trends

No sector has attracted more foreign investment in Latin America over the last 15 years than financial services. Declining Latin American interest rates driven by macro-economic reforms and fiscal prudence, as well as benign global conditions have helped triple the bankable base in the region. The greatest vehicle for finance growth has been the card sector, both debit and credit cards growing faster in Latin American than any other region over the last decade. The traditional hegemony of banks is increasingly challenged by retailers, utilities, mono-lines and others with broad reach. Future areas of growth in consumer transaction finance include the conversion of telephony and cards, and e-retailing. After heavily courting large businesses with corporate banking services, banks, insurance and leasing now look to SMEs as the next segment of growth.

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 250 studies of Latin America's finance sector since 1992 in the following segments:

Auto loans
Private banking
Balance transfer cards
Life Insurance
Purchasing cards
Brokerage Services
Lines of credit
Co-branded cards
Loyalty programs
Retailer credit
Commercial cards
Merchant services
Reward cards
Debit cards
Mono-line cards
SME cards
Dollar based Int’l cards
On-line pay systems
Student loans
Electronic bill payments
POS terminals
Trade Finance
Fuel cards
Pre-paid cards

Case Studies

Most Sought After Services by the Financial Services Sector

Business Expansion – Developing dozens of new card and debt products each year, banks and card companies constantly study the market to find the best product mix for expansion.

Competitor Monitoring – The dynamic nature of the industry demands a constant monitoring of competitive threats and best practices.

Usage & Attitude – Latin American wallets are increasingly crowded with multiple card options. U&A surveys offer card product developers vital insight into what drives loyalty and triggers use.

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