Sector Trends

Over the last decade, Latin America’s card industry has enjoyed explosive growth. Issuers (banks and others), card networks (MasterCard, Visa & Amex), large acquirers and processors as well as retailers have been the prime benefactors of expanding consumer credit, which grew at CAGR levels of >20%. During this time, Brazil became the most profitable credit card market in the world, buoyed by heavy consumer spending and some of the highest APRs found anywhere. The single product that has driven Latin America’s robust card industry has been the consumer credit card, the prized possession of the region’s aspiring middle class.   Going forward, the playing field will get tougher and more diverse.  Consumer credit has reached exhausted levels in Brazil and Chile.  Future growth in the LatAm payment industry will come from new products: digital wallets, mobile money, and young products such as pre-paid, business cards, and purchase cards.  

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 200 studies of Latin America's payment sector, including the following product segments:


Merchants POS systems
Merchant surveys
Affluent business owner cards
Affluent consumer cards
Balance transfer cards
Card delivered insurance
Card processing systems
Corporate cards
SME niche cards
Debit cards
Dollar based International cards
Fuel cards
Purchas cards
Loyalty & reward programs
Mono-line cards
Digital wallets
Mobile money
Pre-paid cards
Cash-In / Cash-out
Virtual remittances
Merchant aggregators
Bank correspondents
Merchant networks
Healthcare payment systems
Card not present
Social benefit cards

Case Studies

Most Sought After Services by the Financial Services Sector

Business Expansion – Developing dozens of new card and debt products each year, banks and card companies constantly study the market to find the best product mix for expansion.

Competitor Monitoring – The dynamic nature of the industry demands a constant monitoring of competitive threats and best practices.

Usage & Attitude – Latin American wallets are increasingly crowded with multiple card options. U&A surveys offer card product developers vital insight into what drives loyalty and triggers use.

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