Consumer & Retail

Consumer & Retail


Sector Trends

Since 1990, consumer credit in LatAm has grown 400%, changing forever how and what consumers choose to buy. With credit, Latin American consumers can purchase more prestigious brands, better quality products, and just more stuff, especially higher ticket items (cars, computers, electronics, travel, etc.) In response the retail industry has similarly transformed. The first phase of change was the rapid consolidation of food and general retail with the arrival of large box store chains. More recently, niche retailing has grown, offering the affluent an alternative to homogenized big.

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 150 studies of Latin America's consumer goods and retail sectors since 1992 in the following main segments:

Consumer Product Segments studied
Retail Segments studied
Beauty products
Household appliances
Processed foods
Digital cameras & devices
Digital music
Snack foods
Soy milk
Food Processing
Toys & Accessories
Frozen foods
White goods
Fruits & Vegetables
Wines & Spirits
Hand tools

Case Studies

Most Sought After Services by the Consumer & Retail Sector

Consumption Mapping – As retailing becomes increasingly crowded, location optimization becomes the most important success driver to new store investment.

Customer Satisfaction – the rise of niche retailing was born from dissatisfied and demanding Latin American consumers. Keeping customers happy will be an increasing challenge.

Competitor Monitoring – As retailers fully penetrate the addressable market in Latin America, future growth will come from winning market share battles.

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