Sector Trends

The rapid expansion of consumer credit has created a far wider addressable market for automakers than was the case just ten years ago. The loosening of car import rules helps bring broader car model options to consumers who for years had to make do with few choices and high prices. In 1999, five car makers serviced the Mexican market with less than fifty models. Today, over 25 car makers offer over 300 models to Mexican consumers. The growth and breadth of the auto sector has similarly widened the aftermarket parts industry, the auto finance sector and OEM suppliers. Latin America’s car industry, once isolated behind high tariff walls, is increasing globally integrated.

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 110 studies of Latin America’s automotive industry since 1992 in the following main segments: 

Consumer cars & trucks
Aftermarket parts
Consumer auto finance
Commercial trucks & buses
OEM (1st & 2nd tiers)
Dealership service

Case Studies


Most Sought After Services by the Automotive Sector

Brand studies Latin consumers demand an increasingly fragmented and differentiated car brand universe from which to choose their next car.

Usage & Attitude Latin consumers, inundated with choice and armed with credit to buy what they choose, are increasingly demanding of car companies throughout the car ownership lifecycle.

Mystery shopping Car brands use mystery shopping to defend national pricing policies. Parts makers mystery shop competitors to remain in the game.

Competitive Analysis OEM assemblers looking at greenfield investments want to dissect the cost structure of competitors, often in search of best local practices.

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