Telco, IT & Media

Telco, IT & Media


Sector Trends

Telco, IT and Media sectors have converged and competed for several years now, with no one player dominating for long before being challenged and surpassed by one of the others. Latin America is not where this war is fought or won but it is a large enough sandbox for some high stakes battles to take place. Unlike other parts of the world, telecom and media remain highly profitable sectors in Latin America while IT has yet to develop service revenue, let alone be in a position like Apple in the US to dictate their own terms. Where the sectors do share commonality with the US is the degree of competitiveness and ruthlessness with which they are forced to operate.

AMI Experience

AMI consultants have conducted over 70 studies of Latin America’s Telco, IT & Media sector since 1993 in the following segments:

Broadband ISP Infrastructure
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Cellular Software
Computer components
Motion Pictures
Cellular Towers
Enterprise Software
Outdoor Advertising
Connectivity Equipment
POS Signage
Handset Equipment
E-waste Recycling
Last Mile Services
Long Distance Services
Paging Equipment
Power Equipment
SME Software
Satellite ISP

Case Studies

Sought After Services by the Telco, IT & Media Sector

Monitoring Regulatory Climate – Both the Telco and Media industries are heavily regulated. The media sector in particular often includes a national champion who wields unrivaled political influence and can help change the regulatory playing field all too suddenly. Monitoring the regulatory landscape including the lobbying efforts of local competitors is considered a best practice.

Monitoring Competitors – The incredibly dynamic pace of change in the IT sector obliges many players to keep a constant eye on competitors, the new models they introduce, new pricing bundling that they introduce and other offering changes that can rapidly shift market share.

War Gaming – Telco and IT are both unstable industries, constantly shaken by supplier consolidation, technology innovation and regulatory change. Any sizeable investment designed to grab market share or cannibalize a parallel industry will provoke a response. Predicting those responses, their impact on pricing and on branding all require War Gaming.

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