Jumping In Without Getting Soaked

Jumping In Without Getting Soaked


Services: Opportunity Benchmarking

Sector: Industrial

Challenge: Our client, a global consultancy, was contracted by a US manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment to guide them on where to enter the market in Latin America. Their client brought some pre-conceived notions of where to prioritize their growth efforts but wanted an independent study to test their hypothesis. The challenge, as is often the case, was the lack of timely market data available through published sources.

Approach: AMI quickly exhausted what few published sources could provide data. Then, our researchers, on the ground in four markets, interviewed importers, distributors, competitors and large clients of industrial cleaners. Those interviews were the key to understanding today’s dynamic in the market.

Result: Of the four markets studied, the largest market, which the client had singled out a logical starting point for their regional expansion, turned out not to be the best point of entry. The fourth largest market is in fact the least competitive and undergoing impressive growth. Buyers are crying out to be serviced and will pay premium pricing for product. Our study steered the client to an immediate and profitable opportunity that will provide an excellent starting point to their regional expansion.

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